Pot Calls Kettle Black: GOP Questions Kagan's Ability to Be Nonpartisan

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan will break silence in the face of GOP opposition.


Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan will break her silence and respond to Republican Party concerns that she cannot be nonpartisan, based on her unwillingness to enforce Don't Ask, Don't Tell while dean of Harvard Law School. Huh? We thought they might be upset about her lack of judicial experience. Silly us. The GOP should go ahead and admit that they're responding to mounting criticism from super-conservative members who can't bear the thought of someone they can't quite figure out on the Supreme Court. What do they think she's going to do -- have a "vogue" contest in chambers? At any rate, they need to quit before they mess around and help a black woman with judicial experience get appointed to the Supreme Court. Nah, that will never happen.