NEWS STAND: Obama Takes On Gulf Spill; Taliban Claim NY Car Bomb, Usher, Mariah and Nick (again) and more..

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How noble. Finally, a nationwide network of prescriptions in order to curb doctor shopping, prescription drug pushers and drug abuse.  If passed, this initiative will save countless lives. What took so long? This isn’t really rocket science; it’s common sense. Whose death sparked this safety revolution? O.D.B., Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro, Michael Jackson or Brittany Murphy? Maybe it’s creepy doctors like Conrad Murray skulking around that put the final nail in the coffin.



Pakistani Taliban claims NYC car bomb

Sorry, we’re not buying it. What self-respecting member of the Taliban would not know how to properly set-off a car bomb? This has amateur, copycat, wannabe terrorist written all over it.  That’s more frightening to us than the Taliban.



Usher: Talent shows are killing music