NEWS STAND: Obama Takes On Gulf Spill; Taliban Claim NY Car Bomb, Usher, Mariah and Nick (again) and more..

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President Barack Obama Tours Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Explosion Aftermath

President Obama to do everything `humanly possible’ on spill

As if we needed to hear this. We think it’s interesting that folks are trying to lay this disaster at his feet.  The Obama administration should have responded more quickly to the spill? Which is it? More government or less government? Oversight on this but no oversight on the financial industry. Oh, okay.



Rain, Rain Go Away: Tennessee Hit Hard by Record Flooding

As if there isn’t enough to deal with, 7 people were killed in record flooding in Tennessee. More than 600 people were rescued in Nashville, alone. More rain fell on Tennessee in a 24-hour period than has ever been recorded in the state’s history.  Still don’t believe in global warming? Perhaps those astute Tea Party historians will attribute this disaster to President Obama as well?



States want to share patient Rx use to curb abuse