NEWS STAND: Jay-Z and Betty White, Mayhem in L.A. Jail, Black Brit on Death Row, Get More Sleep

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Going to the Brink in Europe

After behaving like an unruly bunch of Third World nations, Europeans got their act together in the nick of time this weekend to come up with a financial rescue plan for that will prevent another financial meltdown--or worse--a second global recession. The 750 million euro ($1 trillion) plan to shore up finances and sent stock markets and the euro soaring. Let's hope our European cousins will stop blaming the United States for their financial woes.

Bonnie and Clyde 4.0: Jay-Z and Betty White Draw Huge Ratings

Jay-Z and Betty White teamed up for the highest rated SNL in 18 months. Golden girl Betty White was invited onto the show after a Facebook campaign. She promptly opened the show dissing the social network. Jay-Z gave a great performance with a medley of hits from The Blueprint 3, dedicating "Young Forever" to the 88-year-old actress/comedian. We want to see more of this Jay and B.

It's not just the LAPD that has a black-and-blue history with people of color. Authorities at the Los Angeles men's jail are alleged to have been brutalizing the inmates, with many suffering broken ribs, black eyes and wounds that require staples. The ACLU report covers a 12-month period from 2008 to 2009 and is based on weekly visits to the jail and scores of inmate complaints. Clearly these officers were trained at the "Chief Daryl Gates School of Police Brutality."

High Noon: Condemned British woman will be executed