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Record Number of Homes Went into Foreclosure the first 3 Months of 2010

As if we needed any more bad news, foreclosure rates surged, hitting its highest numbers in 5 years. Banks are on track to see 1 million foreclosures this year. Banks have been bailed out, but obviously aren’t bailing out homeowners that fell prey to predatory lenders. Taxpayers a.k.a. homeowners bailed out the banks, so is it too much to expect for them to work with homeowners instead of against them?


Homeless to be Charged Rent at NYC shelters

From the “Shame on You” file, New York City is slated to start enforcing a 1997 law that allows them to charge the homeless that “can afford it” up to 44% of their income in rent at shelters. Are we trapped in an episode of Mad TV, because this is sheer madness? Mayor Bloomberg thinks this is a good idea. The Root thinks this is the most heinous and predatory idea we’ve heard of in a long time. The homeless are homeless and need every penny, particularly in New York City, if they ever have a shot at getting back on their feet. Talk about kicking folks when they’re down.  


D.C. Officer Cops to Giving Car Jacking Suspect a Ride for Money,0,251684.story

From our “You Big Dummy” file, a DC Police officer who claimed that his service revolver had been taken during a car jacking, admitted that the suspect took the gun after the police officer gave her a ride for money. How much money? $10. Is police pay that low where they have to hustle on the side by giving rides?  We’re not sure how she got his service revolver away from him, but the fact that he got taken, is embarrassing enough. The police officer is currently being investigated for misconduct. We think he should be arrested for impersonating a police officer.