NEWS STAND: Tiger's Choice, Tea Party Makeover, Obama's Earnings and more..

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Elin Woods to Tiger: It's Me or The Club

It is being reported that Elin Woods is leaving Tiger officially because he refuses to give up golf. Golf? We thought that unprotected sex with porn stars, cocktail waitresses, and a bevy of busted chicks would be enough for her to leave. Infidelity and public humiliation is cool, but continuing to play the sport that provides the lifestyle to which she has clearly become accustomed isn't? Besides, he seems to be much more committed to golf than her. It sounds like she needs to swap millionaires. We've got Larry King a.k.a. Gollum on the line and he's always ready to put a ring on it.


Join the Club: Tea Party Leaders Anxious about Extremists

How cute. Now the Tea Party "leadership" is worried about extremists, because they have a national platform. Is that why we've been seeing all of these articles about Tea Party members being educated, rational, and wealthy in major publications? Sorry Charlie, but a great PR blitz isn't going to change what we've been watching over the past year. Rage, terror, fear and hate - basically, conservatism rooted in racism, sexism and homophobia. Don't tell us it's raining when you're spitting on us. 


AP-GfK Poll: Opposition to health care bill is still intense