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For real or for play, play? Tell us something we don't know. Change is a process and it's hard. Whether this bill had passed or not, something has to be done about health care. Far too many Republicans - we mean Americans -- are without it. If the majority of folks cannot afford health care or do not have access to it at all, Houston we have a problem. We need to fix it and raging against the so-called machine isn't going to solve anything. The jury's still out as to whether the wounds of the health care reform debate will ever heal.


Baller-in-Chief: President Obama Earned $5.5 Million in 2009

Isn't it nice to have a President and First Lady who disclose earnings without prompting? The Obamas know how many houses they own and how many books they've sold. They gave money to CARE and UNCF and President Obama donated his $1.4 milliion Nobel Peace Prize money to charity. Change is good. Dollars are better.


Record Number of Homes Went into Foreclosure the first 3 Months of 2010

As if we needed any more bad news, foreclosure rates surged, hitting its highest numbers in 5 years. Banks are on track to see 1 million foreclosures this year. Banks have been bailed out, but obviously aren't bailing out homeowners that fell prey to predatory lenders. Taxpayers a.k.a. homeowners bailed out the banks, so is it too much to expect for them to work with homeowners instead of against them?