NEWS STAND: Height and Hooks Gone, Obama Heckled by Gays, Mo’nique’s Brother Blabs and more..

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A Political Dynasty: Height and Hooks

The loss of Dorothy Height and Benjamin Hooks, two people who played significant roles in the civil rights movement is major. It’s so major that we don’t have anything cynical or skeptical to say. We have lost a generation of consistent, game-changing leadership and that is a fact. Who will step-up and step-in to create change that will enhance the lives of all Americans?


Yeah, Right: SEC chief pledges better oversight of banks

Excuse us for letting out a collective sigh from holding our breath, waiting for the SEC to do something. We’re wondering just what the SEC has been doing for the last decade? Between the debacle that is Lehman Brothers, A.I.G., and Goldman Sachs, twiddling their thumbs is a sure bet of how they’ve been spending their time while these companies have been spending our money. We don’t know what the SEC is going to do. One thing that we do know for sure is that if we did our jobs as poorly as the SEC, we’d be fired.


Two Snaps Up: Obama Heckled by Gay Rights Activists