NEWS STAND: Airlines Still Grounded, Mistrusting Government, Black Farmers Stiffed, and more..

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Cancelled flights- Getty Images

Mama Nature Rules the Air

The biggest disruption of air traffic since 9/11 continues to strand millions of travelers.  Four days after an Icelandic volcano erupted spewing ash that can damage jet engines, just a third of European flights are expected to operate today. A few small airports opened as air authorities pushed back on the airlines' pressure to resume service. It's a reminder that man's technological prowess can be no match for an pissed-off Mother Earth.

Can't Trust It: 78 Percent Polled Don't Trust Big Government

Welcome to the club. Black folks haven't trusted the government since slavery. It sucks when you can't trust the very institution put into place to protect society from running amok and it runs amok all over you. Welcome to our world. We're happy to scoot over and make some room.

U.S. Government Reneges on $1 Billion Settlement for Black Farmers

Let's get this straight. 80,000 black farmers that were discriminated against by the USDA have yet to receive any money from the $1 billion settlement awarded in 1999. Why? Because Congress has not funded it. The government gets to discriminate against them, acknowledges it, but won't pay up, forcing the farmers to sue individually to recover money that should have already been paid. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. That's asinine, emphasis on the first syllable.

Better Late Than Never: Blackwater President Indicted