Heckuva Job, Michael Steele

Your party won’t say it so I will: Great job distracting the media while the GOP gets its act together!

Getty Images

As the GOP wrapped up its annual winter meeting in Obama’s birthplace this weekend, Chairman Michael Steele had all the bluster of a man on top of the world. When asked by reporters visiting the Hawaiian tropics for the GOP gathering if he plans to run for re-election in 2011, he shot back: "I have no reason not to."

I know that’s right! Because while the GOP rank-and-file thought Michael Steele was imploding in a series of when-keeping-it-real-goes-wrong racial and political gaffes, his party was quietly staging the biggest political upset, since well, Barack Obama. The GOP has been steady snatching governor races in New Jersey and Virginia, and ending the Kennedy reign in Massachusetts to boot. BOO-yow!

Because Chairman Steele was conspicuously absent from the Massachusetts Senate race and publicly announced that the GOP did not have a chance in hell of regaining the House, folks thought he was retreating. Ha! As Steele pointed out to the party in an e-mail, all along, he was really just “staying out of the limelight” and pulling strings behind the scenes. If you must know, he provided Brown’s campaign with 400 phone lines. He put 160 volunteers on buses. He even sent out 228,000 e-mails, for goodness’ sake.

Turns out that if he was in the limelight, it was only to shove the old banana in the tailpipe of the national press. To political reporters, the political upset that was brewing in Massachusetts was no match for “The Michael Steele Show”:

Episode 1: Michael Steele tells Roland Martin that white Republicans are scared of him.

Episode 2: Michael Steele insults indigenous Americans by casually tossing out the term “Honest Injun.”