Obama's Vegas Vacation

Vegas wants Obama to lay off. A trip to sin city would help him explain Economics 101.

Getty Images

As Vince “Double Down” Vaughn might have said to President Barack Obama: “You’re money, baby—and you don’t even know it.”

No sooner did Obama joke to a Nashua, N.H., crowd Tuesday that “You don't blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you’re trying to save for college,” than a bipartisan chorus of Nevada politicians cracked on him for hating on their state’s tourism industry.

The message was pretty straightforward—“What gets spent in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

But while Obama might have cut against the grain of his own strategy for stimulative spending, he was also speaking truth. Americans are experts at throwing away money. We love Vegas, and always will. (Hell, I’ll be there next month—see you on the strip...)

What Americans need to learn is how to save money. Vegas can’t help with that.