New York Times Takes Black Caucus To Task

Article says the group spent more on catering than on scholarships.

CBC Members at 2009 Meeting

The article also focuses on positions the  Caucus has taken on issues that may appear to hurt its constituents.

The Times: “For instance, Representative Danny K. Davis, Democrat of Illinois, once backed legislation that would have severely curtailed the rent-to-own industry, criticized in urban districts like his on the West Side of Chicago. But Mr. Davis last year co-sponsored legislation supported by the stores after they led a well-financed campaign to sway the caucus, including a promise to provide computers to a jobs program in Chicago named for him. He denies any connection between the industry’s generosity and his shift.”

The article lacked context. Who are the other large Congressional caucuses and how much money do they raise? What stances do they take that harm their constituents? The CBC’s small contribution to its scholarship program compared to its fund-raising total, while legal, will be hard to defend. The influence of companies will also come under scrutiny. Expect a tough eye on the CBC on coming days.

The CC site is here.