NEWS STAND: Underwear Bomber Indicted, Techies Amped Up Over Google Phone

Our take on today's headlines.

Hype is not limited to the entertainment business. The tech industry thrives on creating the “nextest, bestest, hottest” thing and then convincing you that you’ll be a Neanderthal of you don’t get it right now! So Google’s intro of its latest phone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week was cast as the throw-down between the search giant and Apple, the coolest tech company on the planet.

Of course, the intro was less than earth-shattering. The guru of all things tech, Walter Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal judged the new Google Nexus phone as a nice try. Most other pundits concurred. Like all version 1.0 tech products, the Nexus has its bugs, but the iPhone sets a high bar that no other phone maker has been able to cross—so far.