Scott Brown’s ‘Negro’ Dialect

How Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown is like Barack Obama.

Getty Images

When Senator-elect Scott Brown becomes president, odds are some reporter will write a political tell-all called Game Change – Part Deux: The Race of a Lifetime...Again.

It’ll be a behind-the-scenes look at Brown’s trailblazing campaign to “transcend” Obama and become the first “post-Obama” president—with firsthand insider accounts from people on the ground who made it happen...quoted on double-secret deep background.

And the biggest news will be a revelation that old-guard Republicans encouraged Brown to throw his hat in the ring because they quietly couldn’t stand Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin—and—their belief that Brown could simultaneously project a starched corporate image while deploying his breezy, “Say chowda!” dialect to both reassure and inspire.

Sound familiar?

The resume parallels between Brown and President Barack Obama are, at a glance, striking. Obama is 48; Brown is 50. They’re lawyers. They’re both charismatic ex-jocks who can work a crowd. They’re married to high-powered career women; each has two camera-ready daughters. Both rose quickly from the state Senate to the U.S. Senate.