How Martha Coakley Saved Barack Obama

Coakley’s defeat gives President Obama—and the Democrats—one more chance to figure America out.

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Any Massachusetts voter who pulled the lever for Sen. John McCain in 2008 and Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown in 2010 is on pretty firm ground. They didn’t want Obama then—and they don’t want him now.

Voters who chose President Barack Obama but went for Brown in this week’s special election just canceled out their own vote.

Maybe that’s exactly what they wanted.

Let’s just be clear about what went down in Tuesday’s Boston Massacre: Bay Staters, who voted for Obama over McCain by a 62 to 36 percent margin, rebelled against lackluster Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley, and in the process, they also decided for the whole country that Obama only got one year—actually, 364 days—to roll back unemployment, unfreeze lending, curtail global warming and wind down two wars.

Massachusetts to Obama: Time’s up, bro.