NEWS STAND: Facebook Terrorists, Freeing D.C., and the Latino-Americano Label

Recruiting terrorists through social networking, loosening Congress' grip on Chocolate City and turning America's melting pot into a ... salad bowl?

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Latino-Americano? Maybe.

Young Latinos don’t want to be labeled as Americans, even when they are born here. A survey by the Pew Hispanic Center says that two-thirds of Latino ages 16 to 25 are native-born, but 52 percent prefer to be known by their ethnic origins: Dominican, Mexican, Cuban, etc. Only 24 percent liked the term American and even fewer, just 20 percent, wanted to be identified as Latino. The Pew report suggests, “The melting pot is dead; long live the salad bowl.”

The survey found that for the first time, two-thirds of Latinos between 16 and 25 years old are born in the U.S. and 37 percent of those were the children of immigrant parents. Just 16 percent of young Latinos identify themselves as white, although 30 percent of their parents do.

Hispanics have displaced African-Americans as the largest minority group in the country. They also have surpassed them in social problems. The report notes that more Hispnaic women under 19 are mothers, (26 percent) than blacks (22 percent) and that 17 percent drop out of school (9 percent for African-Americans). than blacks ( share of problems.