Gone, But Not Forgotten

These obits did not make our photo gallery, but they should not go unnoticed.

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For four straight years, The Mighty Duke, born Kelvin Pope, won the National Calypso Monarch title. On Jan. 14, at 77, the voice of the Trinidad and Tobago islander was stilled by complications related to myelofibrosis.

Leo Rwabwogo, 59, a boxer who won two Olympic medals in 1968 and 1972, died on Jan. 14.

Leonard Gaskin, died at 88 on Jan. 24. The bassist, whose love affair with jazz began in the 1940s, was still teaching music in the 21st century.

Mamadou Dia, Senegal’s first prime minister who was forced to resign by President Léopold Senghor for allegedly plotting a coup, died at 98, on Jan. 25.

When very few blacks played professional basketball, John Isaacs starred with the all-black New York Renaissance. On Jan. 26, at 93, he died of a stroke.