Some of My Best Friends are Uncle Toms

Why black Republicans need to get over themselves.

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Admit that Republicans say one thing and do another.

Where was the outrage of black Republicans in 2006 when President George W. Bush and a Republican Congress passed an unfunded $1 trillion Medicare prescription drug benefit as a naked pander to senior citizens? Back then, there were no calls for restraint.

Now? There’s a case to be made against comprehensive health care reform, but when Stanford’s black conservative dean Thomas Sowell calls Obama “charlatan in chief,” that’s not the way to make it. Big words don’t separate that attack from the less erudite, but more honest “You lie!” of Rep. Joe Wilson.

Stop selling what African Americans aren’t buying.

Jingoism is a sure route to permanently driving African Americans away from the GOP. Percentage-wise, black Americans are the only demographic that is overrepresented in the military, but that simultaneously and overwhelmingly opposed the Iraq War from the start.