Some of My Best Friends are Uncle Toms

Why black Republicans need to get over themselves.

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It’s hard being a black Republican these days.

That’s one reason why I admire Sophia Nelson. She reps a small-government, Jack Kemp-inspired brand of Republicanism that emphasizes the imperative of fostering entrepreneurship in communities of color. If you’ve ever caught her appearances on CNN or MSNBC, you know she’s a far more credible spokesperson for the black Republican cause than some of her older, male contemporaries. I was in agreement with the case she made to President Barack Obama for going on Fox News.

Sophia is part of The Root’s diverse political perspective. She rightly blanches at being called a sellout because of her differing views. But it’s time she and other conservatives of color grew some thicker skin.

Just because it’s foul to label anyone an “Uncle Tom” doesn’t mean that black Republicans can’t be held accountable for the anti-black aspects of Republican politics.

There’s a reason most African Americans don’t take kindly to the GOP agenda. Here’s what black Republicans have to own up to before they can even think about getting a “fair and balanced” hearing from the black community: