Check It Out: 1 of 11 Bodies Found in Cleveland Rapist's Home ID'd

Toni Carmichael, 52, had been missing for the last year...

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One of the eleven bodies discovered in Cleveland rapist Anthony Sowell's home has been identified. It is that of 52-year old Toni Carmichael, a woman who was last seen on November 10, 2008. From CNN:

In the missing persons report, Carmichael's mother, Barbara, told police her daughter was addicted to crack and had previously disappeared for several days at a time. But she said she believed something had happened to her because she had not picked up two paychecks.

Though not surprising, the news was still tragic for her family especially the victim's mother, Danita Carmichael said.

"As you can imagine, it's heartbreaking for the whole family, but this was her child. This was her daughter, her angel, her princess, and now we will never see her again. She's gone," Danita Carmichael said.

How is it that a convicted rapist could keep almost a dozen badly-stored bodies in his house in the middle of a neighborhood? Let's see the elements at play: Anthony Sowell, the neighborhood, the neighbors, the police and the victims.

-Poor Black ex-con: A convicted rapist who did fifteen years. He was released in 2005. Considering parole and the fact that he's a violent was he able to slip through the cracks in the "I have a dozen bodies on my property" sort of way?

-Poor Black neighborhood: That dice can roll both ways. Lots of police presence for particular offenses or no police presence at all.

-Neighbors: People smelled the stench, but assumed it was from a sausage spot next door. When the spot cleaned up its act, the neighbors still smelled it. Did anyone call the police or the city? YES THEY DID. IN 2007. From CNN:

A Cleveland city council member called Wednesday for an independent investigation into whether police and health authorities should have spotted signs of foul play sooner at a house where 11 bodies were found...The council member, Zach Reed, told CNN on Wednesday he received a call about the smell in 2007.