Go Slow, Oslo!

The Obama Peace Prize is nice, but it could turn out that the Nobel Committee was a little premature with all their adoration.


The Nobel Committee livened up an otherwise dull Friday morning with their announcement that President Barack Obama will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Once again tipping their hat to African Americans, after MLK and Ralph Bunche, Obama is the third American black man to win the Nobel Prize—the fourth, if you count Jimmy Carter. It’s a clear endorsement for Obama’s “extend a hand/unclench your fist” offer over Bush’s “they hate us for our freedom” sloganeering.

But it’s possible that the folks in Oslo, enthusiastically climbing aboard the “Hussein” Train, may have prematurely moved to cosign Obama’s broad diplomatic push—one that has made impressive inroads, but hasn’t solved the world’s biggest problems just yet.

Memo to the committee: Slow your roll.

Isn’t that his job?