Eight US Soldiers Killed in Afghan Battle

The battle resulted in the highest single action casualty rate in over a year...


Eight more US soldiers were killed over the weekend in a fire fight which last twelve hours in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. From CNN:

The fighting lasted about 12 hours, with the militants firing down on the joint U.S.-Afghan outpost from ridgelines above the base, a senior U.S. military official with direct knowledge of the first reports told CNN. The official said the report was preliminary and subject to change as more information came in.

The official said portions of the outpost burst into flame and burned down, but was not able to say if the blaze caused injuries or deaths.

The military source said air support arrived within 30 minutes, and that the attackers did not succeed in getting inside the outpost.

The official asked not to be identified because the incident is under investigation and the Pentagon is trying to ensure families of the deceased are informed before the military says more.

"My heart goes out to the families of those we have lost and to their fellow soldiers who remained to finish this fight," said Col. Randy George, commander of Task Force Mountain Warrior. "This was a complex attack in a difficult area. Both the U.S. and Afghan soldiers fought bravely together; I am extremely proud of their professionalism and bravery."

...What exactly are we doing in Afghanistan again?