QUIZ: Not Everything Is About Race. Yes, It Is!

How quick are you to think race is behind daily insults?

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7) Journalist Jayson Blair is fired from the staff of the New York Times for fabricating and plagiarizing news stories. Blair would go on to cite racism and bipolar disorder as the cause of his downfall.

8) Golfer Fuzzy Zoeller told Tiger Woods not to order “fried chicken and collard greens” at a golf function.

9) Candidate Barack Obama is pictured as a monkey on some signs and T-shirts.

10) Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. is arrested at his own home by a white police officer responding to a call of a break-in.


1) RACE/NOT RACE? Not race.

HOW DO WE KNOW? Imus is an equal-opportunity offender, taking on Jews, Catholics, gays, etc. Doesn’t make it right. But it is what he gets paid to do.


HOW DO WE KNOW? Richards’ use of the race-specific epithet removes all doubt.

3) RACE/NOT RACE? Not race.