QUIZ: Not Everything Is About Race. Yes, It Is!

How quick are you to think race is behind daily insults?

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9) Candidate Barack Obama is pictured as a monkey on some signs and T-shirts.

10) Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. is arrested at his own home by a white police officer responding to a call of a break-in.


1) RACE/NOT RACE? Not race.

HOW DO WE KNOW? Imus is an equal-opportunity offender, taking on Jews, Catholics, gays, etc. Doesn't make it right. But it is what he gets paid to do.


HOW DO WE KNOW? Richards’ use of the race-specific epithet removes all doubt.

3) RACE/NOT RACE? Not race.

HOW DO WE KNOW? It's not OK for a football player of any color to cold-cock another football player of any color.