Say Uncle, Mr. President

We all need someone in our lives who shoots from the hip and cuts through the crap. Yes, President Obama, this means you, too.


It’ll take President Barack Obama more than a couple of town hall appearances to get his health care reform proposals back on track because health care isn’t the only thing that needs tweaking—he needs someone on the team to help him figure out how to get his mojo back.

Obama has aides for every occasion: Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett is his liaison to big business; Defense Secretary Bob Gates keeps him on the good foot with the military; Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel patrols Capitol Hill; TARP Czar Elizabeth Warren explains the unexplainable.

What’s missing from the president’s brain trust is a wise, old uncle. He needs someone who’s witnessed the last 50 years of American history from the ground level—a “wise Latino,” if you will.

Someone in the inner circle needs to have the green light to pull the president’s coat on any new proposal and ask him, “Are you kidding me?”

Let’s call him the Secretary of “The Real.”