Beige in America

Will multiracial media maven Soledad O’Brien ever do a prime-time report on her own people?


Come on, Soledad.

We’re about to see our second “Black in America” series in two years, and it’s only fair to surmise that after the way Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings went down, plans for “Brown in America” will soon be underway. But before you start production on "Brown" or start making plans for “Black in America 3,” consider setting aside a prime-time slot next summer to cover your people.

You know what I’m talking about, homegirl.

Why hasn’t this happened yet? You already got to do “Black 2”—a do-over of your widely viewed but slightly less than comprehensive “Black 1.” But don’t you feel like “black” is sort of 2008? The real hotness for ’09 is the new basic beige. Consider this...

Blake Griffin was the NBA’s top draft pick—he’s biracial and his parents are set to take over for the Jeters as the most fawned over mom and dad in sports. The next tween pop sensation could be Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris, who’s also biracial (as far as you know ...). And Tiger Woods has two biracial kids—half Swedish, half Cablinasian.

Jamaica’s already had three or four biracial prime ministers—depending on how you count, last year Botswana got its first biracial president, Ian Khama, Jordan’s King Abdullah II is biracial and so is his pal, Barack Hussein Obama II, the president of the United States.

This year’s most hard-hitting relationship advice was served up by Jenée Desmond-Harris and yours truly—and we’re both biracial. Seriously, Soledad, once upon a time you hosted a show on MSNBC called Morning Blend. So if this isn’t enough for beige nation to get a prime-time CNN special, what is?

If you’re in need of inspiration, I’ve got a few segments in mind:

Frederick Douglass

How the “Lion of Anacostia”—famed biracial abolitionist, orator, publisher and civic leader—originated the fluffy, misshapen halfro.