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Obama Has Tough Row to Hoe in Middle East

For some strange reason, people in the Middle East have trust issues with the United States...


Abu Ghraib. Guantanamo. Haditha. As the Washington Post's Anthony Shadid reports, President Obama was much to grapple with as he makes he tour of the Middle East beginning with a speech in Cairo on Thursday. While it is true that Obama's relationship with the region is far better than his predecessors, old wounds heal slowly and as standing president, it is his duty to answer for them in some regard, particularly with regard to Israel and Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and the on-going threats of Hamas and Hezbollah. But it is hoped the grand ideas do not overshadow the hopes of those who suffer daily, those whose blood is spilled as politics are acted out on both sides. Speaking of what he hopes to hear from Obama, recently-freed journalist Michel Kilo said, "I want to hear the word 'justice.' "