GM Files for Chapter 11

GM files for bankruptcy, Darfuri women living in a nightmare, LeBron James not at odds with Cleveland Cavs...


G.M. Files for Chapter 11 in Effort to Save Company

The New York Times reports that General Motors will file for bankruptcy today, a move that will temporarily nationalize a former stalwart of American capitalism. After four months of maneuvering between Washington and Detroit, creditors and auto workers, President Obama urging of the decision is seen as one to hopefully keep GM competitive in the auto industry and there is an ongoing insistence that mere loans would not be enough to right their ship.


Study Shows that Being a Darfuri Women is Like a Nightmare (but Worse)

A recently-released Harvard study shows that Darfuri women in Chad and the Sudan are the victims of systematic sexual assault that should be prosecuted as war crimes CNN reports. Cambridge-based human rights group Physicians for Human Rights published the report based on 88 interviews with women in Chad's Farhana refugee camp. Many of the women interviewed report being assaulted while gathering firewood while most lived in fear with the refugee camp. PHR is calling for legal reforms within Chad that prosecute sex offenders and aim to protect women.


LeBron Says He's Not Salty with Cleveland, Future Up in the Air

After being the model of sportmanship and class in his team's game 6 defeat in the Eastern Conference finals, Fox Sports reports that LeBron James has broken radio silence and told members of the media that the loss will not affect his future with the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise. When asked whether he'd sign a contract extension with the Cavs this summer, James said,  "I haven't thought about it just yet. I'm just going to take time off from basketball and not think about contracts or the game period. I'll relax with my family we'll figure out once it comes from them."