First Lady Replaces Chief of Staff

Perhaps needing more of a hatchet-wielder in the East Wing, Michelle Obama replaces her Chief of Staff...


The First Lady has replaced her chief of staff Jackie Norris with White House attorney Susan Sher. Obama met Norris during the Iowa caucuses--Norris having been in charge of arranging many of President Obama's visits in the state--and got to know her in the course of their travels.

The WASHINGTON POST is reporting that though Mrs. Obama noted the "tremendous progress" in agenda that Norris made in the past four months, she still felt inclined to turn the job over to Susan Sher, a colleague and friend from Chicago (who has more of an Emanuel-esque hatcheteering spirit).

Sher will work in both the East and West wings on legal issues and health care reform. Norris has been reassigned to the Corporation for National and Community Service where she will be the senior adviser.