Poetic Injustice

Even the Nobel Prize can’t protect Derek Walcott from old allegations of sexual harassment.

Dr. Nicholas Shrimpton, Oxford English lecturer and a Walcott supporter, stated that the Nobel Prize winner would “be coming here to give grand public lectures, not to teach students in examined courses. So there’s no question of potential danger and the issue is simply a reputational one—which doesn’t seem to me to be relevant to his standing as a poet. The view that in order to be a good artist you have to be a good person was strongly held in the 1830s and ‘40s. I don’t think we’ve heard very much of it since.”

What remains true is that Oxford students are the true losers in the equation.

They’ll have to settle for second- or third-best because a sore loser cried fire in the crowded theater of Oxford academia.

Jason W.H. Page is a writer who’s lived all over the United States. He now lives and works in London.