No Hold(er)s Barred: AG Eric Holder Sits Down with Essence

Attorney general Eric Holder sits down with Cynthia Gordy of Essence to talk Gitmo, the justice system and what he's doing to make a difference...

Eric Holder Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee

Cynthia Gordy of ESSENCE sat down with Attorney General Eric Holder for an interview as the media-reluctant lawyer-in-chief discussed a few hot topics of the day. Regarding the criminal justice system and Black America’s expectation of a Black President and Attorney General, Holder recognized the need to manage expectations while remaining committed to making “substantive changes,” particularly with regard to sentencing for crack cocaine which lands much stiffer penalities than those for powder. In terms of closing Guantanamo Bay, Holder said he did think it could be done within the year, and does not feel Congress has stalled the administration so much as asked to be given a clearly outlined plan for success. Torture was also a topic of discussion and Holder remained loyal to his department and the law. He did not want to investigate people who worked under the authority of the Justice department, but stopped short of saying that no charges would or could be brought against those who engaged in questionable activities.