Comedian Jay Mohr Takes Michelle Obama's Name in Vain!

The Afternoon Round-Up: Jay Mohr talks greasy about FLOTUS on radio show, Black woman gains traction as she runs for French parliament, Rep. Maxine Waters unveils plan for Afghanistan...


Jay Mohr Goes in on FLOTUS; Buzz Sees a 'Missing Person' Headline in his Future

Comedian Jay Mohr of 'being that guy whose name you don't remember but who you totally recognize' fame decided to give Madame Obama an ethering on the Jim Rome radio show, noting, among other things, FLOTUS' stature and eyebrow game. Now, outside of calling her "a big dude"--which isn't very nice--The Buzz found this mildly hysterical and stays firm in the belief that The Family Obama can get got like everyone else. 

Black French President Likely When France Likes Blacks, Pigs Fly

Bless up to Claire Edey, a political hopeful of mixed heritage running for a seat on the notoriously monochromatic French parliament. Don't let November 4th fool you: It's still cold on the streets of political representation and for many ethnic French, "yes you can; no we can't" is a harsh reality. In response to this, some French have angrily noted, "But our soccer team is Black! No; they haven't been granted citizenship, but still!"


Rep. Maxine Waters Knows a Way Out of the Quagmire

Having not been down with either of our two wars from the word 'go', Rep. Maxine Waters has outlined a plan detailing a way to bring our troops home for a ten minute break before we decide to solve someone else's problems {unless, of course, that problem involves China. Then, we don't know nothin' about that.}