Damon Weaver: In His Own Words

Barack Obama has yet to grant an interview to The Root's favorite cub reporter, but that hasn't stopped Damon Weaver. Check him out on ABC News.

Sean Smith/ TheRoot.com

Remember Damon Weaver? The Florida fifth grader who worked tirelessly -- and sadly, unsuccessfully -- to get an interview with Barack Obama during the presidential race?

Well, the POTUS has yet to sit down with The Root's favorite cub reporter. Still, this 10-year-old student journalist from Canal Point Elementary in Palm Beach, Fla. has been fairing rather well on the press circuit. Since attending The Root inaugural ball in January, Damon has been working with Diane Sawyer as the lead reporter on a news report about the violence in his hometown.

Watch as Damon takes ABC News through Pahokee, Fla., where he talks to the town's police lieutenant, interviews his friend whose father was killed and shares his many aspirations.