Steele Trap

How long can Michael Steele survive his own ineptness?


Michael Steele probably saw Blazing Saddles once upon a time and then envisioned himself as the hero, Sheriff Bart: saving the humble citizens of Rock-Ribbed Republican Ridge before riding off into the sunset on his trusty steed, tipping his 10-gallon hat.


But perhaps Steele would have preferred to skip over the part where Sheriff Bart arrives in town, only to be greeted by a wound-up crowd hollering out, "The sheriff is a ..."


To recap.


He's been digging an ever-deeper hole for himself and his party just weeks after accepting the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee. He bragged to the Washington Times about his "off the hook" hip-hop outreach strategy, then he was publicly sonned by Rush Limbaugh, then dressed down by African-American RNC committee member Dr. Ada Fisher for an "ineptness" she says makes blacks and Republicans look "quite foolish." This week Steele again wandered off of the Republican reservation by telling GQ that abortion is "an individual choice" better left up to the individual states to deal with.


Steele also went wobbly on the GOP's stance against homosexuality by acknowledging that you can't "turn it on and off like a water tap." He said gay marriage, too, should be left up to the statesforgetting, perhaps, that if states' rights were the only consideration, then a whole bunch of usincluding himmight be slaves right now.