Does Europe Still Heart Obama?

This week’s G-20 summit will test the continent’s love fest with Barack Obama. Note to Prez: Along with stimulus plans, take flowers and candy.

“I have high hopes but feel the level of resentment in the U.K., at least, towards the U.S. for the global financial meltdown is running quite high at the moment,” says Isa Fuller, a lawyer in London. “With time, I even believe more people will have difficulty distinguishing between Bush administration failures and Obama administration attempts to correct the problem.”

European nations may not exactly love Obama right now. But they need him. Germany, for one, cannot deny that its export economy is dependent on a global rescue. The honeymoon may, indeed, be over. But as in any lasting relationship, sometimes pragmatism and realism trump puppy love.

Rose-Anne Clermont is a Berlin-based journalist.