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Don't Protest the New York Post

Obama can fend for himself. We've got better things to worry about during this Black History Month.


Yes, I saw the cartoon published by the New York Post. Yes, it was insensitive, and yes, it was racist. Everyone knows that the imagery of a monkey serves as a powerful slur against African Americans, especially black men. The New York Post should be ashamed.

But, if we are going to organize a protest over the conditions black people face in America—especially during Black History Month—are we going to pick this as the cause we get behind?

Do we use our energy to take to the streets to defend the most powerful man in the United States, if not the world, from racism? Do you think Obama really needs us to defend him against the New York Post? Come on. He’s a grown man.

The president doesn’t need Roland Martin venting to the point of bursting his pipes. He doesn’t need the power of the black media to highlight this issue and protest its stench.

President Obama doesn’t need black civil rights leaders to hold press conferences to display our disgust with this thinly veiled and misguided gesture perpetrating as political satire.

If we are going to protest, let’s use the energy from our disgust from the New York Post’s cartoon to protest the conditions in our streets, in our communities and in our communities’ schools.

If we are going to get upset to the point of outrage, let us show the outrage toward the black children dying in the streets, both at the hands of other young black men and conditions restricting them from experiencing life.

If we are going to get on camera and demand change from our dysfunctional past, let’s build on the history of accomplishments and advancements we are celebrating this month.

Isn’t that what Black History Month is all about?