Your Vote. Our History.

Meet the voters of Election 2008. Read their history-making stories.


Myles and Nina Bell

West Chester, Ohio

Miles: Barack Obama is a beast. I like what he stands for. He wants to help people. The gas prices are high; he's trying to lower them. He's going to make sure that more people get insurance and that everybody will be safe and healthy. He's somebody that cares. He's awesome. It feels good to have somebody that is the same race as you. It makes you happy because you think if he becomes president he'll be the first black man to ever do that. A lot of people are rooting for him. I think he's a nice person. He seems to care about people.

I went with my mom to vote. It was fun. She told me the answers and I hit the buttons. It was like I was voting. I voted for Obama, yes I did. If he wins, I'm going to be happy. And I'm going to scream.

Nina: I was crying watching his TV show. Because I was proud of him. Because he was helping the world. He's helping people that are losing their jobs and losing their family, their home. And he's helping the war be over. He's trying to end the war and bring the people home so they can see their family again. I don't like the war.

I went to see him speak, but I didn't really hear him speak. I was tired and we were waiting in line a long time. I fell asleep. I was disappointed. I saw him come out, but I didn't really get to see him, because they didn't put it on the big screen. And we were kind of far away; we were like at the top. But it was exciting.

We had an election at my school. I voted at my school. I voted for Barack Obama.

If he wins, I'm going to scream.