Nutty Negroes — Campaign 2008

A preliminary roll call of bizarre moments from the presidential election.


Whether he wins or loses, Barack Obama has proven one thing: You no longer need to have a perm or take a trip to the seminary to make it on the national political scene. But for every step forward, the presidential contender has won for the race in the endless 2008 campaign, some kooky colored fool (see, Wright, Rev.) has cropped up to drag us two steps back. It has become all-too apparent during this long slog that some of us are afflicted with Nutty Negro-itis: an incurable form of verbal diarrhea that prompts you to speak as if your brain and tongue just took a big dip in the toilet.

Now that this campaign is coming to a close, let us review the Nuttiest Negroes Campaign 2008. Because whatever we might have lost in racial self-esteem, we have gained so much in pure entertainment value.

Pastor Manning



If you’ve never watched The Boondocks, there’s a character named Uncle Ruckus, a self-hating black man that acts as if God sprinkled a little something extra on white people when he created them. Pastor Manning makes Uncle Ruckus look like Eldridge Cleaver.

During one sermon, the good reverend said: “The way the Negro people are turning against Hillary and Bill Clinton these days for Obama is unprecedented. You see how unreliable and unfaithful and fickle the Negro people are? They left you for that half-white boy. You see how they are?”