All in the Family

When did single parenthood and teen pregnancy stop being important to the family values party?

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Now, the Republicans are engaged in a potentially risky dance in order to maintain that family-values-moral-right face and get McCain elected all while dealing with Palin’s family situation. Tuesday night’s convention talk underscored the Republican strategy: Construct some distance between Palin’s candidacy and her “personal” life and simultaneously create a sympathetic portrait of a family choosing the right to life and responding correctly to a sinful error with a shotgun marriage.

Look for Palin’s impending grandmother-hood to be spun as proof positive that she’s just like regular folk with real problems; she may even become the poster child for the first ideal “baby mama.”

Stephane Dunn is a writer and author of “Baad Bitches & Sassy Supermamas: Black Power Action Films” (August 2008). She is also an assistant professor at Morehouse College.

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