History Made, History Promised

Obama rocks the NAACP in Cincinnati; repeats his message of parental responsibility.

Poor John McCain. He must be asking himself, “How am I supposed to follow that?”

That, of course, is Barack Obama’s rousing appearance at the NAACP convention in Cincinnati Monday night. When McCain delivers his own speech to the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization on Wednesday morning, the ovation Obama triggered may still be resounding in the hall.

McCain’s speech will be politics.

Obama’s was history.

It was history, not so much for what he said, but for who he is and the audience he was addressing.

It was history because he is the first black presidential nominee of a major political party to address the country’s most significant black organization.

It was history because he acknowledged his debt to ” those who marched for us and fought for us and stood up on our behalf,” including the NAACP.

And because he vowed, that, if all goes well, “I will come back here next year on the 100th anniversary of the NAACP, and I will stand before you as the President of the United States of America.”

If those had been the only words Obama uttered last night, they would have been enough.