Pro’s Choice

The Root pundits appoint themselves to Obama's vice presidential search team.

Pick me, Obama! Pick me!

It looks like Barack needs our help. The Obama VP search team lost senior Democratic strategist Jim Johnson after revelations that he received favorable lending terms from Countrywide. Since neither of us are getting any special rates on credit and lending, we can weigh in on the running-mate choice with clear consciences. Here's our analysis of the frontrunners:

Hillary Clinton: The "bitter" rivals team up on a single ticket.

Melissa: I can't imagine that anyone in the Obama camp thinks that this is a good idea. Hillary does not bring Barack a single vote that he can't already get for himself in the general election. She is polarizing, and Obama is unifying. Barack is a clean slate (okay, he has a few smudges), while she brings more baggage than Paris Hilton on a weekend trip to the country. This ticket does more to unify the Republican Party than the Democratic Party. I also need to point out that her assassination fantasies make her uniquely unsuitable for this position

Marc: A few months ago, I would've said that Americans wouldn't support a black man and a white woman on the same ticket. After the bloodbath that was the Democratic primary, an Obama/Clinton ticket may be the only thing that can unify the party. Unfortunately, like Kennedy/Carter in 1980, too much blood has been spilled for anyone to believe that these two respect, much less like, one another. This is problematic for Obama since, unlike you, I believe that Hillary can deliver older white women and working-class voters who may otherwise vote for McCain or stay home.

Joe Biden, the outspoken senator from Delaware who kicked off his own presidential bid last year by remarking that Obama was unlike other black leaders because he was "articulate," "fresh" and "clean."

Melissa: I like Biden for Machiavellian reasons. He brings additional height to the ticket and everyone knows that tall guys are more likely to win. He can play "crazy Joe" to Barack's serious tone. It makes Obama look even more presidential if all the nutty outbursts can be outsourced to Biden. And you just know that the media will remind us of Biden's "articulate" comments. By publicly forgiving and embracing Biden, Obama will soothe the collective conscience of well-meaning white Americans who often say things that they "hope won't offend you." What better way to build a winning multiracial coalition?

Marc: I agree. The fact that Obama can look beyond Biden's racist "articulate" remark will further endear him to whites who are waiting for a post-racial moment more eagerly than the Second Coming. Also, given Barack's lack of foreign policy experience, Biden's know-how will make them a formidable duo. If I were choosing candidates, this would be my favorite.

Janet Napolitano, the current governor of Arizona