Watch: 4 Cops Forcefully Arrest NYC Mail Carrier After They Almost Hit Him With Unmarked Car

Glen Grays was just doing his job, until he was almost hit by an unmarked car and then arrested.

YouTube screenshot

March 17 was a regular workday for Brooklyn, N.Y., mail carrier Glen Grays, 27, until he was almost hit by an unmarked police car carrying plainclothes police officers, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said in a Tuesday press conference, according to Bed-Stuy Patch. Grays apparently didn’t realize that the men were cops and allegedly mouthed off at them—”as any New Yorker would do,” Adams said.

A passerby quickly pulled out a cellphone to record the incident.

After the cops jumped out of their vehicle, they demanded Grays’ identification, which he told them was in the U.S. Postal Service truck. 

“My ID’s right there on the side of the truck,” Grays said.

“Let’s go get your ID,” an officer said.

Grays told the officer that he had mail to deliver, and that’s when they began to handcuff him.

It is then that you can see, in the video, the officers manhandling Grays and saying that he was resisting arrest.

People in the background can be heard saying, “Lawsuit, lawsuit, man.”

Grays told the officer that he wasn’t resisting, but the officer insisted that he was.