Watch: Md. Cop Pulls Gun on Pizza-Delivery Driver

Twenty-five-year-old Christopher Jeffries captured on video an intense exchange between a Bladensburg, Md., police officer and himself during a routine traffic stop.

Fox 5 Screenshot

A pizza delivery driver says that during a routine traffic stop, he was just trying to pull over in a safe spot when a Bladensburg, Md., police officer drew his gun and demanded that he get out of the car.  

Christopher Jeffries, 25, captured the exchange between him and the Bladensburg police officer, which happened around 11 p.m. Jan. 16.

“I felt like I was living the last seconds of my life when the man walked out of his car,” Jeffries told Fox 5 DC.

According to the news station, police say that Jeffries was driving erratically and almost struck another driver while making a left turn, and that is what caused the officer to pull him over. Jeffries also reportedly ignored the officer’s attempt to initiate the stop.

Police also say that a defiant Jeffries refused to give the officer his license and registration. Video of the incident appears to show a different version of events.

While it is unclear when Jeffries began recording the incident, in the video, the officer appears to have his gun drawn. The officer continues to shout requests, including, “Put your phone down,” although Jeffries’ phone is not in his hands. The officer continues to tell Jeffries to roll his window down although his window is rolled down.

The officer can be heard yelling, “This can go from bad to real bad.”

The officer asks Jeffries to roll his window down, which he does, and the officer can be heard telling him he’s going to pull him out of the car.

“For what?” Jeffries replies. “Sir, you’re about to kill me right now?”

The two continue arguing until the video cuts off.