Beyoncé Treats Fans to New Music Video

Queen Bey drops surprise single and sends a powerful message. 

YOUTUBE screenshot

Beyoncé grabbed music’s center stage Saturday when she surprised her fans by releasing “Formation (Dirty),” a hot new single and accompanying music video.

Queen Bey sends a powerful message about black culture and joins the hot-button conversation on race and policing.

The New Orleans-set video features images of Beyoncé lying on top of a police car sinking in the flooded streets; a young black, hoodie-wearing boy dancing in front of cops in riot gear; and a wall spray-painted with the words “Stop Shooting Us.”

This unexpected single features a cameo of Blue Ivy, the queen’s adorable little princess, and came out a day before her scheduled Super Bowl 50 performance.

There’s some speculation that Beyoncé may debut a live performance of “Formation” at the halftime show.