Ohio Students Claim Classmates Dress Up as KKK, Utter Racial Slurs

Roni Cook detailed several racial issues that she and her sister have had to navigate at Pickerington High School North for the past two years. 

A photo of what is said to be a Pickerington (Ohio) High School North student dressed up as a Klansman 
A photo of what is said to be a Pickerington (Ohio) High School North student dressed up as a Klansman  ABC 6 screenshot

An Ohio mom moved her two daughters to a new school district to get them a better education, but instead the girls have had to endure two years of racist abuse, ABC 6 On Your Side reports

According to student Roni Cook, she and her sister have been dealing with the racist incidents at Ohio’s Pickerington High School North, where her classmates thinks their antics are “funny.” 

“Some of the students think it’s OK and think it’s funny to say the n-word, say jokes about it,” Roni told the news station.

One girl reportedly posted a picture of herself in black face with a racial slur on it. Officials said that that girl and her parents are being counseled and that the picture wasn’t taken on school grounds.

Another student was seen on Snapchat dressed up as a Ku Klux Klan member last week. And that picture was taken in the school prop room. Officials at Pickerington reportedly have identified the culprit in the picture as well as the student who took the photo, disciplining them both. School officials would not say what actions were taken, however. 

Last year a student attended a football game with his back painted red and the words “former slave owner” scrawled in blue. 

The girls’ mother, LaRhonda Cook-Snow, told ABC 6 that she’s contacted the assistant principal and principal of the school several times in the past two years, but the situation has not improved for her girls. 

“I didn’t want to call 6 On Your Side. I didn’t want to do that, but when you fought for two years and no one does anything … ,” the upset mother said.

Roni, for example, used to be on the cheerleading team but quit because of racial confrontations. One fellow cheerleader reportedly called her the n-word as a joke, then apologized. 

“I have my children coming home from school every day crying, saying, ‘Mommy, I don’t want to go to school. Mommy, you got me in this jail,'” Cook-Snow added.