Newly Released Audio Captures Fla. Woman’s Dying Words After She Was Forced From Hospital and Arrested

When Barbara Dawson refused to leave a hospital after complaining about not feeling well, she was forcibly removed from the building, only to collapse in the parking lot and die 90 minutes later.

Barbara Dawson
Barbara Dawson CNN

Barbara Dawson was insistent. 

Newly released audio reveals that the 57-year-old was in apparent distress, so she didn’t want to leave the Calhoun Liberty Hospital in Blountstown, Fla., CNN reports.

“No, no, no, no,” Dawson could be heard saying repeatedly to the officer in the clip that family attorneys released. 

“Please don’t let me die!” she added, insisting that she couldn’t breathe.

Nonetheless, she was escorted outside, where she collapsed and lay for nearly 20 minutes before she was taken back into the hospital, CNN notes. 

The officer appeared to believe that Dawson was being “noncompliant” and just did not want to leave to go to jail. 

“Falling down like this, laying down, that’s not going to stop you from going to jail,” the police officer could be heard saying. “This is only making things worse on you.”

Later, an unidentified woman could be heard saying, “Ms. Dawson, come on now. There ain’t nothing wrong with you.”

Dawson had reportedly gone to Calhoun Liberty on Dec. 21, complaining of abdominal pain. Staff at the hospital examined and discharged her, but she refused to budge, saying that she wasn’t feeling better. Instead of treating Dawson, hospital workers called the Blountstown Police Department. Officers handcuffed the 57-year-old, intending to escort her out, when she started to protest. 

After she collapsed, she remained on the ground for some 18 minutes while staff monitored her vital signs. Some 90 minutes after the officer arrived, Dawson was declared dead.