The Most Confusing Questions to Come Out of the Sandra Bland Case

What really happened to Sandra Bland?

Sandra Bland 
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It’s been 10 days since Sandra Bland was found dead in her cell at a Waller County, Texas, jail, and still media—social and news alike—are searching for the answer as to what exactly happened to Bland.

Throughout the outright demands for answers, suspicions have been incredibly high, given the number of officer-involved shootings and in-custody deaths that have occurred in the past year. Many individuals are outright accusing police of foul play, with speculations ranging from suspicion that Bland’s arrest video was edited to the suspicion that Bland may even have been deceased at the time of her mug shot.

Here’s a list of all the controversial or just flat-out confusing information that has come out of the tragic case of Sandra Bland:

1. Was Sandra Bland hostile?

That was the official reason given by officers for why a simple traffic stop, which should have ended in a ticket, instead ended with a trip to jail and, ultimately, death. Bland, officials said, became combative and assaulted a public servant.

However, video of the incident appears to show an irritated, but not combative, Bland. She responds to all of Police Officer Brian Encinia’s direct questions and then challenges him based on her rights once he asks her to put out her cigarette.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump joined the argument, admitting that he watched the footage a few times and thought that “[the officer] was terrible.”

“I thought he was so aggressive,” Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in an interview Wednesday. “It was just a traffic signal, as I understand it. And, you know, who gets out of the car for a traffic signal? He just looked very aggressive.”

“I didn’t like his demeanor,” Trump added.