Charity Through Ventriloquism
Piphus, who has performed for Oprah and Jay Leno, uses her talent to help children realize their dreams.
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  • She says: "Tomorrow, I will be better. The day after tomorrow, I will be better than ever. Someday, I'll be the best."

  • Megan Piphus

  • Helping to color kids' dreams
  • Age: 20
  • School: Vanderbilt University
  • Hometown: Cincinnati
  • Gender: Female
  • Category: Arts and Culture
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  • Megan was introduced to ventriloquism at the age of 10 on a church trip. Amazed, she returned home and headed straight to the library to pick up instructional videos. With practice, she became a pro -- performing in national competitions and even on The Oprah Winfrey Show, wowing audiences with her uncanny ability to give puppets life. A video of her delivering her high school valedictorian speech accompanied by her puppet George became an Internet hit. Most recently, she was a contestant in America's Got Talent's YouTube contest and a guest on The Tonight Show.Her performances aren't just for show. "There are morals behind every skit that I perform for people of all ages," she said. Recently crowned Miss Black Tennessee 2013, Megan also founded an organization, Color My Dream, which she created to help children recognize and embrace their talents, as she did when she was a kid learning ventriloquism.