Young Futurists 2013: Donald Brooks
Brooks is committed to making environmentally friendly practices a way of life on campus and beyond.
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  • He says: "The impossible is the invitation to achieving the possible."

  • Donald Brooks

  • Making "green" a lifestyle
  • Age: 20
  • School: Wilberforce University
  • Hometown: Harbor City, Calif.
  • Gender: Male
  • Category: Green Innovation
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  • Donald became interested in green initiatives when he enrolled at Environmental Charter School in Lawndale, Calif. His main goal was to attend a college prep school, but he really got on board with the movement when he began working on projects to reduce the school's carbon footprint -- helping to make benches out of natural materials, creating a composting program and assisting in the creation of a water-conservation system. Donald has since brought his interest in environmental awareness to Wilberforce University. He was a college ambassador for Green for All, a national organization that works to build a clean economy. Because of his efforts, the school is participating in a recycling competition and has hosted clothing swaps on campus.He strongly believes that people need to be shown the impact of their carbon footprint and the benefits of the green movement. "It shouldn't be a hobby," he says. "It should be a lifestyle." His advice to people: "Reuse resources, reduce the consumption of material and recycle."