Young Futurists 2013: Chental-Song Bembry
Bembry uses her self-published children's book series to promote literacy.
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  • She says: "Chance favors the prepared mind."

  • Chental-Song Bembry

  • Promoting literacy through creative writing
  • Age: 16
  • School: South Brunswick High School
  • Hometown: Monmouth Junction, N.J.
  • Gender: Female
  • Category: Arts and Culture
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  • When she was in elementary school, Chental-Song's teachers marveled at how she could take simple writing assignments and turn them into fun and engaging reads. When she was 10 she created three characters, wrote a story about them and gave it the title The Honey Bunch Kids. She's since turned the book into a series and added more characters; the third book came out in May 2012. "The theme in all of the books is friendship," said Chental-Song, who also illustrated the stories. "They have to learn about each other's differences, and that's what brings them together in the end."

    She has used the self-published book series to promote literacy. She is a youth ambassador for two literacy organizations, LiteracyNation and Mission EduCare, and speaks at schools, churches and libraries. Chental-Song said the response from children has been overwhelmingly positive. "There needs to be more books about African-American kids with characters they can relate to," she said. "That was one of my motivations for writing the books."